NPN Buyer Small Cap Program

“We acquire bulk portfolios of non-performing whole loans from the largest banks in the country and rapidly re-trade the unworked loans to secondary market investors at wholesale pricing.”

 If you only want REO or Bulk REO Single Family Residential please click here


If you are looking to buy less than $400,000 at one time, please continue to read on. If you are seeking more than $400,000 in Bulk Residential NPNs please click the link above.

* Our customers can choose to buy specific loans or they can buy in bulk.

* We cover all usual and customary diligence costs so our buyers do not have to incur costs when buying from us.

* We have a seasoned acquisition team which covers: Value-fresh BPOs, Occupancy-all occupancy statuses are verified, Title-fresh O&E reports, Taxes (all outstanding taxes are verified) on all assets we acquire.

* We rep and warrant all loans we sell to be in an enforceable 1st lien position.

* We have an internal trade desk that creates custom lists of assets for our customers so they are not wasting time looking at anything other than what they want.

* All diligence documents are available to our customers via a secure on-line site.

* By providing the above mentioned we accommodate a transparent and velocity driven loan trade environment. Speed of transacting is the key to our business model and it allows us to sell at extremely low, wholesale price points.

>> We typically sell all of our assets versus selling only the tails or overworked assets
>> We provide due diligence documents and recent value, occupancy, title, and tax reports
>> We sell all loans at wholesale pricing regardless of the volume being purchased
>> We only sell loans that we own

NPN Buyer Small Cap Procedure

  • NPN Buyer fills out NPN Buyer approval application package
  • If NPN Buyer has service company the can use them. If not they will be referred a company FCXI at $30.00 per note per month
  • 48-72 hours buyer vetting and approval process
  • Upon approval NPN Package including Sample Contract will be sent to NPN Buyer Packages will come semi monthly directly to buyer via email
  • No minimum – Bid on 1 or all
  • BPO Report, Title Report and full Note info comes over for NPN Buyer Due Diligence for each note
  • Once NPN Buyer chooses NPNs, they are set aside exclusively for that NPN Buyer
  • 24-48 hours for acceptance or counter offer
  • All NPN counter offers not acceptable by buyer will be removed from the list and final bids made
  • 72 hours and NPNs will be set up for transfer
  • Buyers that make offers and do not close must put up a 10% deposit before next bid

NPN Buyer Small Cap Pricing Guide


The below pricing guide is based upon the final negotiated BPO value! The NPN buyer has the ability to present their BPO findings as a basis for their final offer. If the ranges below are not acceptable to you, please don’t waste your time applying for this program.

  • 60k +++  = 50 cents on the dollar
  • 60k – 45k = 45 cents on the dollar
  • 45k – 40k = 40 cents on the dollar
  • 40k – 30k = 35 cents on the dollar
  • 30k – 20k = 30 cents on the dollar
  • 20k – 15k = 25 cents on the dollar
  • 15k – 10k = 20 cents on the dollar
  • 10k – $7,500 = 15 cents on the dollar
  • $7,500 or Less = 10 cents on the dollar

NPN Buyer Small Cap Process


In order to start the approval process, click the link below and sign our fee and disclosure agreement. We are NOT paid by the seller so if a 3% buyer fee payable to us is not acceptable, please do not fill out the fee and disclosure agreement!!

We will check with the suppliers and see if you are already registered or not. There are 3 in total. We obviously cannot bring you back to the same sellers that already know you.


Upon signing, you will automatically receive a copy of the signed agreement, and we will also.  In the unlikely event you are already registered with the sellers we work with, we will let you know via email and our fee agreement will be considered void by us and all the sellers. If not, we will then call you and go over the programs in further detail.

PLEASE remember that we do not work with any NPN Buyers that are not using funds that are wholly theirs. No rented funds or transactional funds allowed. No double closings. Unfortunately, because of our position, we cannot work with reps, brokers or intermediaries only individual principal buyers or buying companies.

Anyone acting as a buyer that is not a buyer will be committing fraud and we will not hesitate to take appropriate action in order to protect our relationship with the seller.

If the above NPN Buyer Small Cap program sounds like it is for you simply click the above link, sign our fee agreement and disclosure and we will contact you ASAP in order to get the application in your hands. If you are looking for anything other than Residential NPNs you can fill out our contact form and we will get back with you when we have other offerings available!




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