REAL Residential NPNs and Bulk REO

In the last few years the banks have really changed how they liquidate properties. MOST Residential Bank REO is sent to auction, thus making Residential Non Performing Notes (NPNs) a more popular way for the banks to move inventory without having to foreclose. It is far less expensive for banks to unload NPNs than it is to fully foreclose and hold properties in inventory as REO.

Let me tell you what is NOT available as far as Bulk REO. All CA or Southern CA is NOT available. Diamond state lists ARE NOT available.  NO ONE can sell properties ordered by specific zip codes –   if that is what you need, I would tell you not to waste your time, but hey, you probably wouldn’t listen.

No offense intended, but if you are still reading there might be hope for you after all!

We have been invited by several Investment Funds to help liquidate certain REO and NPN assets. Real assets available in the market are rare, however in the event you have done business, or currently do business, with the particular fund(s) we are working for – the assets we are offering that are distributed by us – will ONLY be available to purchase through us.

We do not work with any Buyers that are not using funds that are wholly theirs. No rented funds or transactional funds allowed. No double closings. Unfortunately, because of our position, we cannot work with reps, brokers or intermediaries – only individual principal buyers or companies that buy Residential NPNs or REO.


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