07-05-2013 – 200 SFR BULK REO now available! Contact us!


Custom Order NPNs and REO

  $400,000 minimum purchase

Four Sources supplying three classes of properties available. 1) Non performing Residential Notes (NPNs) 2) Residential REO, or 3) Fully rehabbed and rented Single Family Residential homes.

NPNs or REO can be obtained in states you select. We CANNOT put together a list based upon zip codes. Certain cities can be chosen, but may have limited availability / no availability at all.

  • Pick your Asset type – NPN, REO, or Fully Rehabbed / Rentals
  • Pick your state or states (CA or AZ / beach areas are difficult to fill)
  • Pick Dollar amount total you want to purchase – Minimum $400,000
  • Pick your Value range. Values over $100,000 are scarce
  • 48-96 a Custom list based upon your specifications will be delivered
  • 48 hour buyer review period to cap your request and accept list
  • 48 hours for deposit to be posted and begin Due Diligence
  • 7 days full Due Diligence and remove unwanted individual properties and close
  • NPNS conveyed via quit claim deed / assignments
  • REO conveyed full clear title

Cash return will be posted for all properties discovered to be burn downs, land, or uninhabitable. Closings done through an Attorney, local title company or American Title, based upon type of asset, pool size and or location. NPNs are all closed via Attorney.

Approximate Pricing

  • Rehabbed and rented homes are available at 15% discount from current BPO
  • NPNs with BPOs ranging between 25k-50k approximately 9-10 cents on the dollar
  • REOs that have not been rehabbed with BPOs ranging from 25k-50k are approximately 13-18 cents on the dollar.
  • Seller pays facilitator fee
  • $1,000.00 add on fee to be paid by buyer on all Rented / REOs

** PLEASE remember that we do not work with any Buyers that are not using funds that are wholly theirs. No rented funds or transactional funds allowed. No double escrow closings. Unfortunately, because of our position, we cannot work with reps, brokers or intermediaries only individual principal buyers or buying companies.

Anyone acting as a buyer that is not a buyer will be committing fraud and we will not hesitate to take appropriate action in order to protect our relationship with the seller, and well can guarantee that you will be banned from any further access through all of our sources.

If you are interested in this program, please click here and choose one of the Custom Order Programs from the drop down list!


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