Nationwide liquidation of Fannie Mae Single Family Homes has been ordered by the Obama Administration.

Wholesale pricing is set at “68 cents on the dollar” of currently listed value. No title seasoning after purchase which means these can be flipped / sold the same day buyer takes title! GA, Chicago IL and MO are now available.

Download the XLS list(s) below, but read the instructions first!

To obtain the sales price for each property, simply multiply the list price on the XLS spreadsheet by .68, +3 points, Cherry Pick is OK, 10 property minimum is required. 3/4 of 1 point (.75) is available for a buyer’s rep / buyer’s agent of the 3 points.

 The process is:

1. For new requests, A prospective buyer submits an LOI to TK Holdings Group LLC via a Local Atlanta Attorney to ensure the safety and security of the information (email to be provide upon request) that states the area of interest and what they want. If from an active list, please put the addresses in the LOI.

2. A conference call with TK Holdings (The Seller) will be set up with the buyer within 2 to 3 days. If ordering a custom location a list / tape will be presented for them to select from.  Can take no less than 10 properties or they can take all. Buyer’s choice.

3. If they want properties a contract is submitted with 10% Earnest Money that is completely refundable.

4. Buyer is given 10 days inspection period.

5. At the end of the 10 days, if the Buyer wants to move forward then the Earnest Money goes hard and is credited to the total price.

6. Closing takes place 2 days after the 10 days.

 Below are 3 active lists. All properties on these three lists are owned by Fannie Mae and we get new lists about every 15 days. We will be getting Philadelphia, Washington and Indianapolis tapes shortly.

Click here to download Fannie Mae Property Roster GA 12.26.2013

Click here to download Fannie Mae Property Roster Chicago, IL12.23.2013

Click here to download Fannie Mae Property Roster Kansas City & St.+Louis, MO 12.26.2013

ATL High Cap rate list .. contact for details.

Smyrna – High Equity Flip Purchase Price 96k – Rehab 80k – ARV 240k! Potential Profit 64k!!

Great flip opportunity in highly desirable
Smyrna! This one is a complete renovation throughout the home, needing a little bit of everything to bring it back to life. Solid comps justify a conservative ARV of 240k with extremely low days on market.

 If you can find what you are looking for above or below, please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.


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