We work for, and with, the top Bulk REO Clearinghouses, Banks, Private Sellers, REITs, FUNDs, Trusts, and Publicly Traded Companies. Bulk REO is not what everyone imagines…

Bulk REO Buyers – Please stop the insanity!

Are you done chasing multimillion dollar tapes and the Billion Dollar Bulk REO Dreams being offered by hundreds of supposed “reps”……….

We have been in the Bulk REO Sellers arena for nearly 5 years and after all this time in this business, We have heard every story from every mandate, rep, agent, consultant, broker, attorney, and intermediary wannabe on earth – how about you?

Select Banks and Funds are now able to supply Residential NPNs to Principal Buyers ONLY.


Residential Small Cap NPN Buyer program now available for those looking for just a few assets

Click Here for Small Cap Residential NPN Program

Click Here for Bulk REO Bulk NPNs Special Order or Custom Lists

Click Here for Commercial Lending Program

Click Here for Private Money Program


BRT Excellence Award 2015BRT Excellence award







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